Veganerie: From 1 Branch, to 1 Brand with 4 Branches


Veganerie started when a vegan family began making and selling their own food with the goal of spreading their vegan know-how. In February 2016 they opened their first restaurant and bakery in the heart of Bangkok. Everything started small with the typical struggles of a small family owned business: everybody does everything and every day there are new challenges to overcome. The Veganerie team has mastered a lot of these challenges within a short period of time and is now an established brand with 4 branches across the healthy food community in Bangkok. Their branches can be found in modern shopping malls – such as Siam Paragon, Emquartier and Mercury Ville – in Bangkok, Thailand.



Our goal was to increase the long-term awareness and engagement of the brand and drive increased sales every month. We aimed to ensure that the brand’s marketing efforts were in good hands, allowing the owners to focus on what they do best: providing delicious vegan food!

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Every time we visited the Veganerie restaurant next to Emporium, it was always the same picture: A super nice place, serving great food, but there were only a few customers. This was frustrating, as they surely deserved to be doing better. We all felt more people should have a chance to eat their delicious and healthy food. This is when we decided to take on the challenge and became their marketing partner. The rest is history and the challenge quickly evolved from helping them to fill the first restaurant with customers to promoting all four of their branches.

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We were able to help Veganerie establish their first branch as the go-to place for the vegan and health-conscious community and to allow them to grow from 1 struggling restaurant with a great concept to 1 established brand with 4 branches.

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The team is very professional. Everything they do starts with planning and research. The team has a wide range of different skill sets which enables them to support us in many matters. The work flow goes effectively while the team regularly gives us support and follow ups. Most importantly, the results of their work are real. They have created an inspiring vegan community through our social media accounts and do help us increase visitors to the restaurants.

Napaphasorn Tortienchai

Founder at Veganerie



We spent most of our efforts on the marketing channels that allowed us to grab the attention of our vegan and health-conscious audience in the most effective way: On Facebook and Instagram! The backbone of the work was engaging content, smart offers and advanced ad targeting.

There was a fine balance between creating brand awareness for potential customers and engaging existing customers.

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The Future

Veganerie aims to expand their restaurant chain internationally while strengthening their position as the first and premier restaurant chain in Thailand. In the next few years Veganerie plans to launch vegan grocery stores in Bangkok and in other big cities. The family and the business will continue to dedicate their lives to veganism and providing healthy food choices all over the world.

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