MetroDeal: 633% Increase in Ecommerce Sales


MetroDeal is a highly succesful start up from the Philippines that is now the biggest daily deal website and one of the biggest ecommerce businesses in the whole country. The company has been acquired by the Japanese outsourcing giant Transcosmos in 2015 for about 30 Million USD (Source: In 2015 MetroDeal launched its operation in Thailand with the goal of replicating this success in Thailand. Since then, MetroDeal has successfully competed against Groupon (shut down in 2015) and Ensogo (owned by Rocket Internet, shut down in 2016).



Our goal was to increase conversions and ROI for MetroDeal Thailand via Google Adwords.

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The company already had a very strong and experienced marketing team in the Philippines, though due to local and cultural differences, simply replicating the marketing campaigns from one country to another did not generate the desired results. Especially as the Thai ecommerce market is still very young, daily deals are not established yet and the culture has its very own dynamics. It was our challenge to increase their sales volume in Thailand.

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We started with a small marketing budget at a point where Google Adwords was responsible for 8% of the monthly sales revenue. 7 months later the sales revenue from Google increased by 633% and the return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 118%. Every month, we were able to contribute more and more to their sales revenue. By April 2017, our marketing efforts were responsible for 42% of overall sales revenue.

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Northstar does a great job and is generating measurable results: We have seen a 633% increase in sales revenue after 7 months!

Matthias Pieringer

Country Manager at MetroDeal Thailand



In order to increase sales and revenue, we worked in 2 phases and improved the following key performance indicators: brand awareness and revenue.

At the core of the long-term work was a restructured campaign set up. This new set up made it easy to monitor, optimize and scale the campaigns on a daily basis.

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The Future

We were able to reliably improve results for the entire campaign life cycle and we are dedicated to keep improving these results.

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