Kite WorldWide: Reduced CPA by 51% and Increased Leads by 256%


Kite WorldWide is one of the leading travel agencies for Kitesurfing holidays. From its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, they established themselves quickly as one of the most recognized companies in the industry and are now offering trips all over the world. Kite WorldWide is a classic example of a company that started with a strong service combined with an out-of-the-box-thinking in-house marketing team. In these rare cases it is hard to fail and it is no surprise that they are now running their own marketing company as their own business!



Our goal was to increase the leads for travel trips through the website.

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Kite WorldWide did enjoy fast-paced growth over the last few years, mainly driven by a great social media marketing strategy and execution. They did also use Google Adwords for lead generation but the results have been stagnant for a while and they simply got too little leads for their ad spend. Our challenge was to make Google Adwords work for them. While it is always great fun and easy to work with other strong marketing teams, it is obviously much more challenging to deliver outstanding results.

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After 4 weeks Kite WorldWide was able to increase the amount of lead conversions by 256% while at the same time lowering the cost per conversions by 51%.

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They did a great job, communicated well with us and finished the project successfully.

Marlo Lehmann

Marketing Manager at Kite WorldWide



In order to maximize the results from their Adwords campaign and to use every cent as effectively as possible we did decide to completely restructure and rebuild the campaigns from scratch. This approach takes much more time initially and is often mandatory in order to make optimization and monitoring most effective.

We decided to use the SKAG-strategy, whereas all important keywords/search terms get their own ad group including dedicated ad copy. Writing dedicated ad copy for each keyword leads to highest click-through-rates, which heavily reduces the cost per click and hence the overall conversion costs.

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The Future

Our work was done after a few weeks, as we were able to hand-over the newly set up campaigns to the in-house marketing team. The sudden increase of leads has created a new challenge for Kite WorldWide, as they now need to catch up overnight with the increase in leads, to efficiently convert these leads into happy Kitesurfing holidaymakers!

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